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A small picture of Vegetos. Crappy, really.

Huge picture, just wait. Its pretty cool.

Pretty big. This is Coola, I think. He's Freeza's brother who comes to avenge his cool family. I think. I really dont know much about this guy.


DAMnn. This is cool. It is a picture of Movie 12 when Goku tries to defeat Janenba, a HUGE and powerful demonlord (He's silly, really). You should see it. Movie 12 is tight.

A pretty good picture of Bardock, Goku's Father.

Cool pic of BOJACK

Bojack, from movie 9. He is the leader of a group of aliens that knock out ALL the good guys except for Gohan who gets unusually strong and whips Bojack's ass. This snapshot is taken directly from movie 9. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST DBZ movies, go and see it. Its about as good as movie 12 and 13...

I made a big mistake. This isnt the guy who gives Trunks his sword. This is Chrono trigger from a popular RPG I never heard of. Thanks Jon at for telling me this!

The guy who gives trunks his sword

Looks cool, doesn't he? Well, he SUCKS. Hehe. No really, he cant fight half as good as the saiajins in the movies cause he doesn't have any special powers or nothin. All he has is a cheesy flute with a catchy tune. Watch move 13 and you will see what I mean. OH, and by the way, the sword he has looks familiar huh? Well, he gives it to Trunks and thats how Trunks gets it! Never knew that did ya?

A nice picture of Goku with Freeza and some other dude in the back.
**Correction** The guy in the back is the captain of the Ginyu Force. Thanx to Jake0086 and Silver for this correction.

A cool picture of Good old Trunks.

Huge picture of Gotenks.

WHoah there. This is a Huge picture of Gotenks, probably my favorite character.

Future Trunks again! (Someone asked for more Trunks pictures.)

Ouch! Who poked Vegeta in the eye?

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