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Pretty cool!!!!

All the "forms" of Gohan! Gohan's only girlfriend Videl is on the right. They get married eventually.

Trunks and Goten doing the fusion dance!

I haven't watched Every Dragon Ball show, so I have no idea who these guys are!

*correction* These guys are Majin. I havent seen any of the Japanese episodes with these characters, but I have seen the good, fat Majin Boo in the final four episodes.

Four super Saia-Jins and one sucky Piccolo! Cool!

Very colorful! Comes from the beginning of the DBZ series (The Freeza Saga).

Mr. Satan, the wimpy father of Videl.

Run Away! They're going to kill you!

Piccolo sucks.

Cool family.P>

Check out Vegeta's face! Ouch! I think this is the Kaioken attack times 3!

Goku's bad brother, Raditz. Too bad he died, he was cool!

Basically the main characters of Dragon Ball Z.

Klillin's wife, number 18. I'm surprised that horny guy got married!

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