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Dragon Ball Z Quick Access!

How it All Began

Many years ago (like 5), I saw a strange show on TV. There was a little kid with a tail and I thought, "This is stupid!" Several years later, I saw another show. Flying people with special powers? Cool! After a while I had a strange feeling that I've seen something like this before... Saijins? Namecks? Kamehame Ha? What is this stuff? I saw even more shows. Raditz, Freeza, Vegeta, I got hooked! Then I saw the light! Pretty soon I knew what was going on. I knew everyone's name and I understood the storyline, and I found something that changed my life forever... the Dragon Ball Z movie collection! Wow! Broli, Dr. Gelo! This is amazing! I should make a web site about this...

Thanks for reading this boring story thing I wrote, Here's a cool Little movie that only a few people will see, including you!

The Cell Story:


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