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WASSUP? WELCOME TO MY FIRST, NEW SITE! Check out my image and moving GIF galleries. Go down to ENTER. DragonBall Z and Filipinos foreva! Note: just for a while I stopped working on this site because its getting boring. Everything is still cool though :o).

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 Hello, my name is Jeremiah, A.K.A. Jerry.

I don't connect to other sites for pictures, so my galleries should always be stuffed full with everything you want! This is my FIRST web site and I have only started page building a few weeks ago! I will be updating this page constantly. My test page will be located at dragonballz2.html. Read about how it all began, or just check out my site.

Looking for something to listen to while looking at DragonBall web sites?

Try Cdnow

Wait for the SOUND to load, its really cool! Lets turn up the Heat!

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