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OK! OK! Everyone, you guys are all right. Half the information on my site is wrong! I might change a few of them. I GOT SO MANY MESSAGES AND E-MAILS! Keep sending them so I can fix things up

Hey all!!! I fixed my mailing list so you can join it now!! Check it out.

Some dickhead named victor left a really crappy message in my guestbook. He got too personal. To everyone else out there, this site isn't about information, its mainly about pictures. The information I put there is just something extra. This is just a fun website that I made, some of you need to chill out. Again, thanx to everyone for the corrections and support.

About the Picollo stuff I said, Picollo does suck. Thats my opinion. Dont get me wrong, he is cool. Compared to EVERYONE ELSE, however, he's crappy. All the super saiajin's can whoop his ass any day. I dont think he sucks as a character, he just sucks compared to everyone else.